Rambling Day Book 16

Friday, January 13, 2017

I am stuck in bed, again…..heavy sigh 😕

I forgot, became complacent, and did a quick twist bend to rescue a wayward blueberry from the clutches of the dust monster who has taken up residence beneath my cookie table. Cookie table? Yes, cookie table.

You see, way back when, in a fit of self imposed pity, I went out and bought myself many of the desires of my heart, mistakenly thinking that they would somehow lift me out of my imagined poverty. When in actuality, all I managed to do is create myself a mountain of debt, which at its current interest rate, just might truly impoverish my retirement. Oh well, c’est la vie. I have since gone on to realize, that it was my spirit that was impoverished and needing restoration, not my belongings. Regardless, an expensive lesson it was, for sure and for certain.

Too much I know, but this a ramble, and could go anywhere. Like telling you about this exceptional piece of furniture with its hugely enormous butcher block surface, full of many many drawers to keep all the baking supplies in, and more than enough room for the beautiful commercial mixer my husband gave me one year, which I so did not appreciate at the time, for I was being a spoiled brat and wanted trees instead. The irony is, I work too much to ever get to truly use it, or perhaps it is just that I have chosen yard work over cooking now that my husband is gone….humm, I wonder.

Yikes! I am so losing focus.

So anyway, here I am stuck in bed because of a disc injured in my youth. Usually I am quite mindful of its existence, and move carefully. However, with the forty two pounds I have lost so far, everything is aching less, thus I forgot about it, and considered the plight of that berry instead, so stupid.

At first, I thought perhaps it would be a minor twinge that would pass, but no, I am on to my second muscle relaxer and the end is not in sight. Of course, being me, I need to look for a bright side here, and I suppose it would have to be that at least I can still move enough to not need my walker to get to the restroom. Yep, that’s definitely a good thing.

In Christ, for now and evermore,

❤️ Belinda

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Ps 23:1-3


Someday Never Comes

I had been living at my parents to help them out in their time of need, however I am now back home. The crisis situation has been rectified, and besides, I was becoming a nuisance to have around. For I could not change myself to suit their way of living, and also foolishly, had some expectations that some kind of routine could be developed, so that I could resume some relationship with the ones I had left behind. Silly me. Anyway, it is their life, not mine, so it is for the best.

Still, I do not regret having tried. I learned so much about myself, and more importantly, received more affection from my mother in that short amount of time, than in the entire span of the rest of my life. It soothed a deep hurt, even if it was Alzheimers induced. The Lord can use the bad for good, and I thank Him for that.

One of things I learned is that someday never comes, because if you put off your life, and do not make the desires of your heart a priority, you will never find the time to live, and love, and go adventuring. Old age and inability will just creep up and take you captive while you’re waiting for that someday when everything is perfect, and that’s never going to happen. So I have decided to consider, perhaps maybe, being more proactive in how I structure my day dreams. Yep!

❤️ Blessings Belinda


With us Still


Bat Bunny is still on the loose and as healthy as ever. My neighbors most likely are nashing their teeth and giving me a large dose of stink eye of which I plan to remain oblivious for as long as possible. Because yes, she is eating everything, especially flowers, with complete abandon, so they do have every right to complain, but I do so enjoy seeing her hip-hopping around; she makes me smile.

However, I really did not expect her to make it to 2017, so I am finding it to be a very pleasant New Years gift

How long do bunnies live I wonder?


The Great Grass War

Well, ever since the early fall of the year two thousand and fifteen, when the notion of a grass free kingdom was first considered, and consequently a war of eradication declared, a brutal struggle has ensued, between the insidious roots of bermuda, the tick dense thatch of augustine, and my weapon of choice, the therapeutic shovel.

Now today, with two thousand and seventeen just beyond the bend, the war, unfortunately is still far from over. However, to concede is completely totally absolutely unthinkable, thus new battle plans are to be hatched, and at last, or at least I hope, victory will be mine before we see another New Years. I just must keep front and center those famous words, Never give up! Never surrender!


The Light



The lights are as peaceful and abundant as ever, and reminded me of this post from last year. Blessings Belinda

Regardless of the calendar, for me it is officially winter in Southern California. I know this because of the lights. You see, I like to think of the lights, which are so prolific in my hometown, as our visible replacement of the changing seasons. It is our snow; our own kind of frosting.

Contrarily, the lights make the outside darker, the air seem colder, the shadows deeper. There is also a hush about the air, a calm stillness from the lack of air conditioners running, making the nights a silent time of reflection.

So while gazing out my kitchen window to admire my neighbors snow, I can not help but marvel at the faithfulness of the God of all creation, who meets us wherever we are, and uses whatever is available, to remind busy people like me, that this is the season to celebrate, the Light of the world, peace on earth, and good will towards men.


New Every Morning


It is often those small things one does, which seem inconsequential in the moment, that can bring a sweet sweet song into the heart of the receiver.

Liebe Lee put snow flakes on my morning window yesterday….sigh

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23


Mixing it with Love

Today I hit the hard spot. I knew it would be coming, and alas, it’s here. That place where love and desire bump up against selfishness and the ability to putter around the familiar and watch the flowers bloom along side the weeds….sigh

Well anyway,  I suppose it is now time to banish this rogue state of mind to the nether regions, and to help it get moving along,  I am going to go and find my mom, and get myself a snuggle and a hug, because I cannot think of anything better than some mommy love to make the world seem bright.

Happy Sunday Blessings

❤️ Belinda