The weight of the darkness is tempting me.

My body tingles so from its constriction.

I want so desperately to burrow in.

For to let it squash me smaller still.

Thus slip unnoticed back to Quiet.

Waiting hungrily for my return.

Within the camouflaged corners of my mind.




A Repurposed Life


I am waiting,

In a lost and found box.

Facing daily a dilemma.

Do I settle beneath the fabric of misplaced expectations,

Or turn the time to treasure.

For such a cloak I could embellish with the gold and silver tears of my mistakes and my successes.

Thus when the moment of my release,

Is ultimately thrust upon me.

I would be able to don this magic cape,

And a little wiser fly away.

Wrapped safely in the glittering folds,

Of a life repurposed.




So Cal Summer agrees to my plans and cooperates.


It is time to thin the Irises. When I read about when and how to do this, everything said August. Well if you live in Southern California, August is about the last month you would want to do any serious work in the yard, so I was dreading the task.


And we have lots and lots of irises. When we initially planted we had a basket of bulbs we had dug out of an overcrowded, neglected, and sunless bed on the East side of the house. Then in my infinite wisdom about plants, (meaning none) I had my daughter put one here, and one there, kinda willy nilly, figuring let’s see what happens.


Well three years later those few have become many! I could not be more pleased, but once you have the super bloom, which we did this year, they have to be dug up, thinned and replanted. IN AUGUST!


In August the yard looks like this, and even more so. Definitely not easily accessible….sigh


I am going to tackle it, somehow. For not only do I want the irises to keep blooming, which they won’t if they are crowded, I also want to create a delineation between the grass and the wildness with a fence of irises. If only to keep the postal workers from tromping through the plants.

Thankfully the weather is cooperating. It was hotter this morning for Little Miss Happiness of the North, than it was for me in Southern California. Go figure, but I am good with it, no complaining here.

All I can say is, you messy plants better get outta the way, for I’m armed with my shovel again!



And I Shall

“Trouble and anguish have overtaken me,
Yet Your commandments are my delights.
The righteousness of Your testimonies is everlasting;
Give me understanding, and I shall live.“

Psalm 119:143-144