Let your yes be yes

A tale of woe for sure and for certain is the one of Ralph and Diane. For empty heartfelt promises was their modus of relationship killing operandi, and it must be known that they shared equally in the execution. Hence disillusion and regret with a liberal sprinkling of anger was all that was left when they finally crept away from the rotting corpse and parted ways.

Only to be swept up into the arms of the One whose promises are steadfast and eternal, thus receiving peace and healing in His veracity, surety, and unconditional love, guaranteed eternally by the resurrection of his Son. A treasure worth all costs, even years of walking through fire and ice.

Still, it is not a case of alls well that ends well, for the still small voice of the One was not heeded before the multitudes of killing thrusts were administered to what could, and should have been, thus, though Ralph and Diane are happily alive in Him, they remain today, and forever, uncharted universes apart.

The End

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Newest Window

Sweet Anticipation ❤️


My newest window is for my nephew’s 9th birthday present. I told him to choose anything and he choose Pokemon! I have never dabbled in drawing Pokemon and this is new for me.

At first I didn’t know how I felt about the design, or even just the start of how it looked.

This is about 1 1/2 hours into the painting… But as I kept adding more and more colors my views changed…

About 30 min later
I wouldn’t ever think to do Pokemon but because the characters are so vibrant it is perfect for me and how I paint! One brush dipped into every color; painting with 20 colors simultaneously…not any one object is a single color.

So many colors!! 😊 How I left the painting today. To get this far it only took about 5 hours.

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For the past month, more or less, I have been trying to give the habit of gratitude some intention. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that possibly I am sheltering behind a sense of being outwardly grateful, rather than being truly and deeply grateful.

For I find, that by holding onto old dreams and desires, which given today’s circumstances are ever so impractical, I am blocking my view of reality, and thus blinding myself to the abundance of goodness actually available all around.

It is a clumsy and unfulfilling state of being I must say, because sadly, as I am sitting here, quite safe and sound, well fed and warm, in my quite comfortable chair, typing away on my quite nice iPad, which is connected to some quite nice high speed internet, and feeling quite fully satisfied in general, gratitude should be flowing in abundance, not a trickle.

Therefore, I have decided it would be best to give the past it’s freedom, a rest, and just go with the flow, because it is time you see, time to let go of what could, or should have been, for reals, and instead free float on the breezes, and see where life drifts me.

However, I don’t think I will be able to achieve a lasting lift off unless I give my defunct baggage the old heave ho, and replace it with a buoyancy and lightness of being, which, what do you know, just so happens to be a byproduct of a grateful heart.

Thankfully I do know this, that as long as I hold fast to: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life, gratitude will never be in short supply, and all will be right with my soul regardless……sigh, so sweet.

❤️Blessings Belinda



Why do I have to be faced with this dilemma? Do I cage her above the ground in a small but protected space, or do I let her roam free and unfettered, to fully enjoy her existence, even if it might possibly shorten that selfsame existence?

No wait, I must be honest, there is really only one answer which is acceptable to me, it is only the inevitable outcome of my choice that I am dreading. You see Bat Bunny has decided to expand her borders. This is truly not a safe thing for her to do, for there is no dog out here in the front yard to chase away any possible predators looking for a snack, or new pet.

She has been on the loose for days now, never going beyond the unfenced perimeter of the house, perhaps it is that she does not want to wonder off too far, away from her burrow and those that care for her. However, knowing absolutely nothing about the proclivity of rabbits, this is only my hopeful conjecture, or just perhaps, this is all only a sad sad case of personification run amuck….sigh

Blessings Belinda


The Lovely Sound of Silence

Stevie was amused. She was currently “suffering” through another one of Todd’s punishments. Did he not realize that he was giving her a gift with his bountiful silence? Well, she for sure and certain was not going to clue him in. For without this pause in the endless litany of corrections and criticisms she might just lose her mind, and anyway, if she were to be truly honest with herself, there was pleasure to be received from knowing that to be silent was a thing that hurt Todd deep, thus this knowledge of his suffering and struggling to contain himself, while she was reveling, was a crinkle in her character which she would not despise, so she, without hesitation, indulged herself in this secret sin, reached out and embraced it in a high handed fashion, even as she knew perhaps she should not, for vengeance belonged to another, or so it has been said….



Right about here I need to insert a few fist pumps and hip hip hurrahs! For unfinished happens to be one of my favorite states of being. I could not tell you why I have such a preference for the incomplete, it just is. I suppose it could be considered a flaw in my character, something I should be striving to correct, this habitual practice of mine to leave things hanging, waiting…..

And if I am going to be completely honest with myself, it is a deficit in my make up, because truly this predilection springs from the fact that I am easily bored and severely lacking in perseverance. I used to joke with the few acquaintances I have that God knew what he was doing when He gave me three children under the age of five, because being pulled simultaneously in so many opposing directions made it impossible to be bored, thus become inattentive, thus perhaps neglectful. Basically craziness saved me from myself.

Still, I …….

Sigh…..I was attempting to stay on target tonight…..hum, but as usual I received an always welcome visitor or two smack dab in the middle of this post…..hum.

Yep it’s gone. I guess this post is to be left unfinished just like all those unfinished projects which I live amoungst, and I must share that I don’t see them as failures, for if I enjoyed any moment that was spent on them, if they gave me any degree of pleasure in their doing, then perhaps that was their purpose. So I embrace what is, not what could be, and therefore they are as finished as they need to be for today. Besides, how lovely to have them there lurking, waiting, wanting, just in case.

Praise and thanksgiving to a good and holy God for weaving even my foibles and flaws into a beautiful pattern in my unfinished life.

❤️ Blessings Belinda