With Humble Trepidation


I just picked up How to Read Proverbs by Tremper Longman III. Well right smack dab on the first page of the first chapter he leads in with a thought that made me have to pause and chew on it a bit.

“The Bible has a word to describe the person who navigates life well; that word is “wise.” 

What can I do with that but fall on my knees and beseech the Lord God to pass a little wisdom my way, for a life well lived would be something indeed.

Then I had to pause and bring my thought process to a dead stop, because gosh golly almighty He has passed His wisdom on, and I am about to journey through it with Tremper Longman III. (What a name huh, I cannot help myself, I might just have to type it again, Tremper Longman III 🙂

And perhaps I should finish with the thought, that for me, a life well lived would be one where all I do, every breath I take, and my every thought held captive, for the soul purpose of bringing glory to God.

This should be fun.




SummerBlooms On


Bursting Forth


This plant brought back memories from many lifetimes ago when I was a lonely and desperate young mother of five living in a dismal rental. Well there was this scraggly carnation plant struggling for life right along with me in a planter on the edge of the drive way.

On the days when I would come home from work and heave myself out of the car, to unexpectedly find those neglected blossoms bursting forth once again, was a day I came into the house to cook dinner with a wee bit of extra zip in my get along.

So when I won this carnation plant in the Garden Club raffle, I was excited beyond what to most would appear rational. But the thing is, I had every intention of taking it home and giving it the tender care it deserves, because everything should have a bed in a happy home and the opportunity to bloom where their planted.



Finally have gotten this beauty ready to repair with a wee bit of tender loving care and sunshine. Thankfully only the edges where body oils were are damaged. I have worked my way though so many that were unfortunately so neglected by the previous owner that they fell apart when handled. Such a waste and hard lesson learned for her about keeping cloth items clean.



Lions and Tigers and Bears


Applying for jobs for over a month without any response, only to find out you had made a typo in your email address is not really the worst actually.

No, now that I have fixed it, having to answer the phone and follow through with interviews is going to be worse than the hopeless rejection I was feeling.

But in the end, the deepest worst will be having to walk into a new environment if I am ever hired, which has to happen regardless of my desire for it not to.

Which leads me to know that just when you think it cannot get any worse, gird yourself, because it most definitely will…..oh my.