Fear and Failure

Life is progressing as it always manages to do. It makes its own course, regardless of how hard you try to stem the flood of its requirements, vainly laboring to perhaps control its relentless momentum. I realize that somewhere along the way I became weary of the struggle, and retreated from the onslaught. But I have to question, why I continued to struggle so senselessly for so long, and not rest more in the One who uses all for my good?

The more I look at that question; I see a reflection of myself that is not flattering, that exposes my arrogance, and the shallowness of my walk. Perhaps if I could trust, I would edge out of my comfortable enclave, and find a new adventure. But this requires change, and change invokes the possibility of failure, and the possibility of failure invokes fear, to overcome fear requires trust, and I have grown to not depend on anyone but myself. Thus we arrive back at pride.

So, I can only discern that pride is my stumbling block, and when you stack up enough blocks, it makes for very high walls. Walls can be used to create prisons. Prisons can be very comfortable and safe if fear and failure are on the prowl. But they are prisons nonetheless.


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