On the Inside

Being in a prison of pride hinders your ability to fulfill the Great Commission. For a prison by its nature separates, and how can you love adequately, if there are too many degrees of separation?

Because love requires trust, and to trust takes intimacy. Intimacy implies a connection, and not necessarily physical, you can have mental intimacy.

Mental intimacy is much more bonding than physical intimacy. This is why relationships with both are so powerful.

The betrayal of mental intimacy is harder to forgive. Consider, why else would someone think, that to say, “It was only physical, I didn’t love them,” would earn forgiveness. This is because; intuitively we know that the betrayal of mental intimacy is far more grieves.

To trust someone with your inner most self is courageous and difficult. You have given them the ability to wound you deeply. But without this trust, can you truly love?

It seems to me, that to share the Gospel successfully, you must cultivate love. You must develop mental intimacy, and give the power to wound. How better to display the love of Christ, than to be willing to die for it, even if only on the inside.


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