The Hazy Days of Summer

I used to think I was in bifocal denial. This lack of appropriate eyewear causes such dysfunction in my everyday life that it would be practical to capitulate to their necessity. Instead I babble on about their exorbitant cost and the unsuitability of current frame styles. But in all honesty, I like my obscured vision of the world most of the time.

This is particularly true in the brutal heat of summer. Isn’t it common knowledge that it is gracious to put a filter on the sweaty, shiny visage of your friends and family? So really, I am not cheap and perhaps a bit vain; I am only being so exasperating for you.

It is all for you that I intend to prolong the hazy days of summer into the misty days of fall, which of course must meld into the dim days of winter, but in the meantime, if you happen to see me squinting and grumbling about my perpetually misplaced reading glasses, please help, because really, it is all about you.


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