Knock on Wood

When did life change? It has been such a slow migration that I had not noticed that my hopes for the future are so unlike the desires of my past. That is until this morning while sitting in my chair, sipping the elixir of life and ruminating on my realm, did I become cognizant of the fact that all of my current daydreams are for my children and the opportunities that their futures could hold.

I have to allow, that at first unease took hold as I considered the possibility that maybe I had given up on actively living, merely because I could not conjure up a new direction for myself. And then it hit me. I am happy with my life as is. I don’t need to climb any more mountains to attain accolades and experiences. Everything I want is all around me or in me already.

Sure, I would like to have better health, more money, less laziness, and most of all a better walk with God. But really, if nothing happens to railroad the current status quo, I would be satisfied to reside in this sweet spot for quite some time. Where the only thing I might pray for in my morning musings, is for nothing catastrophic to pay a call and stay for an extended visit.

So, when did life change? Did I finally grow up? Who would have thought such a thing could happen. I think I am going to like being old, that is if I can find my glasses.


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