Beware the Fixer

We should all know by now that the Fixer can’t help it. Which is why when conversing with its Host, one must bring fortitude alongside ones narration. For the Fixer is always there, lurking in the crevasses of its Hosts central processing unit; listening, assessing, its radar sweeping all conversations, waiting to pounce upon the words of a speaker, if it but catches a whiff of distress or confusion.

The Fixers thoughtless conduct leaves the Host in an endless loop of disconnectedness, as the Fixer systematically eliminates budding confidants, scattering them as they escape from the Fixer’s relentless recital of uninvited solutions.

With familiarity it can become obvious, that the Fixers unwelcome obsession to help, manifests because of a defect in its programming, not from a malevolent intent. Regrettably for the Host, the Fixer drives away most before this familiarity can be achieved. Only the steadfast remain, and even they are often disgruntled with the Host’s inability to leave the mute button pressed.

It is well known that the Host’s Motherboard has perfected quiet listening, so the defect cannot be the Host’s hardware. Conjecture is that the Fixer’s programmer must have skipped school the day conversational skill coding was covered. So even if the Fixer’s Host comprehends that others just want to share their difficulties, their day, their thoughts, without an instructive response or unsolicited advice. That exasperating lurking Fixer is lacking what should be the simplest of commands; the capacity to be still.


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