The Lawn

Men are no dummies. I have to admire their cunning, but I have caught on to their ruse.

Earlier this year when I moved into a house without the luxury of a gardener, I began using a push mower to care for the lawn myself. My goodness is it satisfying. It is a relatively easy task that works up a healthy sweat, it has a defined beginning and end, it keeps track of your progress as you go, and it is quite gratifying that the results are pleasing to the eye.

So, now I realize why men desire to keep outdoor chores for themselves by perpetuating the stereotype of, “it is a man’s work if you sweat.” What a bunch of hooey. Laundry-Dishes-Toilets vs. Mowing-Trimming-Fixing, Hum……..Let me see, I need to choose right? Well that’s a no brainer. Like I said, men are no dummies.


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