procedure unexpected


Don’t you hate it when you show up for an appointment expecting a consult and instead you’re scheduled for an unexpected procedure? To add insult to injury it is not even regarding the body part you think you are there for.

I don’t know about you, but when I am confronted with the unexpected, my brain freezes. After the fact you might question yourself, “Why did you not speak up? Why did you not say, Wait let’s discuss this more.” But no, I am like a deer in the head lights when I should be looking for the exit.

I like to over think my medical care, read up on it, mull over the pros and cons of my options. I will admit that this process usually has me baffled and so terrified that I opt to do nothing. But this time I was blindsided, and now my septum will never be the same.

I suppose if I have to find a bright side in the whole mess, it would be that now I have something to whine and moan about for the next few days to garner a little extra comfort, because wowie-kazowie that hurt.

(I just wonder how long I have until they realize my diabolical plan)


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