The Special Burden

Several years ago I underwent a radical change in my dealings with the world when I embraced the freedom that comes with being ordinary. Truly, my repressed discontent vaporized with the empowering realization that I was just an ordinary person, with ordinary opinions, living an ordinary life.

Being special is such a burden, and you are all alone if you are the only one. It is much more fulfilling to identify and commune with others. But to recognize where you fit in, you first must recognize others within yourself; that your every thought and action is not unique, but is being replicated in the multitudes.

So I wish this push to make everyone special would cease. How peaceable it would be if we just let kids discover their true selves, by giving them the freedom to be ordinary or not. To relieve them of the special burden, which in reality frequently manages to quietly whisper that they are not good enough, this would truly be something special indeed.


3 thoughts on “The Special Burden

  1. I’m so with you. I stopped being special about twenty-five years ago. It was such a relief to just be ordinary – another bozo on the bus. Ordinary doesn’t mean unloving or unhappy or unkind or unjoyous. It just removes the pressure to be perfect and fantastic all the time! Yeesh, who needs that stress? Great post.


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