Give Me Rivers


I have so much I want to do but the heat is not cooperating. What the heck, it is October, why is it 104°. I knew it, I should have moved to Idaho. I have, at the most, 52 days a year I can actually do anything of my own choosing and now I am trapped by my inability to regulate my temperature. I know people that would love to not have buckets of sweat streaming, but let me tell you, I would trade places in an instant, because my bodies lackluster production of a faint shimmer is a failure of epic proportions.

My current frustration is additionally being magnified by this ongoing, and not to successful experiment I am amidst, where I physically labor rather than using powered machines to complete tasks. I wanted to spend my time working hard at something, rather than using a machine to save time and effort, with the idea that I could not only avoid spending money and time at a gym to get exercise, but also accomplish something other than self-improvement. Theoretically this made sense, but I am finding that my immune system and the weather have other plans regarding time management, finances, and the feelings of satisfaction and well being.

Also by living in a desert climate I have limited myself, but moving was not a choice that was available, that is until recently. You see, my preexisting conditions had kept me a prisoner to my health insurance. Unfortunately or fortunately, I find that it is now too late in life to initiate the upheaval a move would unleash; it would mean leaving everything that is near and dear, and I know I would not last long without them, for family is my all and all.

But I still frequently think of Idaho when I am trapped inside for days on end. It has become the perfect depository for all my unrealized possibilities. Besides, I love the incongruity of the fact that I have never been to Idaho. I just happened to read a chart in my doctor’s office one day, which showed that of all the states in the US, I was the least allergic to Idaho. Wham! It’s been Idaho here I come ever since.

Please don’t tell me how ridiculous that is, I already know, but everybody needs to have an unreachable dream, and Idaho works for me. Also, don’t read this as a pity party, it is not meant to be one, because what I do have here, in this pollen filled desert climate, has already exceeded expectations and is still on an upward trajectory. But what the heck, it’s October, why is it 104°.


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