Praise Him


I let the chickens out today, and much to my surprise it became the best part of my day, for it forced me to stop and smell the roses. You see it had been a good day, a fulfilling day, with much hard work and tasks accomplished.

There was an unexpected, but welcome caller to be enjoyed and fed. A necessary and pleasant visit to admire the current stage of a renovation of unbelievable proportions. The animals and their habitats were tended. Lawns were mowed, hedges trimmed, wood prepared for burning, and sidewalks were swept clean for scooter sailing grandbabies. Then, heavy sigh, when contemplating how to repair a potential breakage in the chicken run, I forgot, left the door open, and therefore provided the girls access to the beckoning moist soil teeming with delicacies, outside over there, beyond the confines of their placement.

Well, I took a seat, because having moved my daughters freedom garden to our new domicile recently, there were pots, and pots, and pots of edibles lined up and waiting for me to win the great grass war of 2015, and I knew that it would only take a blink of an eye for those beauties to uproot her many years worth of winnowing, and besides chicken corralling is not something I am fond of; it takes too much work.

As I waited, I watched the girls scratch and turn the soil. Then it happened, as I inhaled the newly released pungent aroma of the earth, time stood still and opened my senses to the peacefulness of God’s creation. What else could I do, but lean back, pause the looping to do list of my mind, and commence the mental recitation of God’s Glory.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heavenly host

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”

Thomas Ken 1674


Max vs Godzilla


Hum……should I be concerned? I asked for a thankful tree and this is what I got. I do not know why I was caught off guard, really by now I should expect it, because the year I expressed a desire for a new tree topper I arrived home to this.


I suppose it was better than Ahab’s whale that was adorning the front porch, maybe?


At least I could be thankful that it was stationary. I still recall the Halloween I followed my son around with this monster while he trick or treated as Captain Ahab. I also remember my feelings of smug self satisfaction that I had such an imaginative child, that is until he informed me that I would make a perfect whale. The Lord has a really good sense of humor when it comes to smacking down your pride.

But honestly, I think perhaps it is time to don my wolf suit, make mischief of one kind or another, and tame the wild beasts.

wild things 2


I had an idea


Why did I do it? Everything was chugging along just fine. I was walking to work (one time), I was taking all my medications as instructed (maybe), correcting my diet (most times), I was doing my strengthening exercises (allot), and actually starting projects rather than only accomplishing them in my mind for a change, then I had an idea

My family has enough common sense to scatter when I utter those four words together; I obviously do not.  Well, I had this idea, since my small baby step efforts where making such a difference, why not go all the way and accept the help so often offered by others, and being cursed with a lack of moderation I busily made appointments with every management program I had been offered.

So there I was, with my already trimmed to the bone schedule to be able to accommodate my maybes, sometimes, and allots, when what did I do but try and fix what was not broken, for the more hours I spent with the experts telling me how much they were going to help me, and that they had a better way, the less I did.

I could go on and on here about how all these appointments of being told what and how to do what I already knew were using up all the time I had available to do it, but really it was my quirk, that thorn in my side, the inability to do as I should multiplied a googolplex by my fear of failure.

For you see, I had made a fatal flaw, I told others, it was public, they were watching.

Today however, I had an idea, the time has come the walrus said, wait, that’s wrong, the time has come to try a new beginning, and so tomorrow I will start small with the important things, such as praise and thanksgiving that the The Lord has blessed me with another day and then just maybe I’ll make my bed.


The Grass


I have declared war on my grass, and I refuse to acknowledge that I might not win. However regardless of the outcome, I already have victory in hand, for who would have guessed the therapeutic nature of a shovel.


The Queen


Ugh… is my dish day. Well I am the one that does not want an automated dishwasher. I am also the one that likes to cook large, and the one who tends to make the messes, for much to my families distaste, cooking brings out my creative side.

I can not help it, I open the refrigerator, see the bounty, and it happens, I think what if? I do not really see why they have to get so upset, if it is bad they never have to eat it again, and if it is delicious, they should simply enjoy, because they are never going to get it again, for with an everything in fridge approach to cooking, it is never the same thing twice.

This method of cooking suits me just fine and dandy until it is my dish day, because you see, with seven dish washers there is just enough of a gap to get complacent, therefore I forget to rein in the enthusiasm.

So, it is in these moments that I wish I had not decided to lead by example rather than rule by decree, because looking at my damage today is making the position of queen seem like a really choice duty.




Today is a bevy of blankets kinda day, but I refuse to capitulate! Well maybe I should be honest and just acknowledge that circumstances will not allow it to be so.  For as I sit here with my elixir of life and mentally shuffle the list of expected completion before days end, I am really not feeling it. Perhaps if I work my way through in random order one of them will inspire me to action. (Notice how I am deluding myself as if I had had a choice in the first place)

  1. Complete the bid that is due at the University of Houston – So many government stipulations to be addressed, belch, and anyway who in their right mind makes a bid opening on the day before Thanksgiving.
  2. Cashflow Gazing – It constantly amazes me how it eats my predictions and spends the money when my back is turned.
  3. Mow the lawn – I like this one, alas it is probably the least important, so maybe I should do it first.
  4. Laundry – I am not out of underwear yet, so this could wait, except I was recently informed that mosquitos are drawn to old stinky socks, sigh, I suppose it might be a bit odoriferous in here.
  5. Cook – I really need to do this. My daughter was not pleased as I had her squeeze all the Costco goodies into the fridge. What can I say, I was hungry and she is the one gifted with exceptional spacial abilities.
  6. Clean the house – Naa, don’t want to, but people are coming for Thanksgiving, naa, I’ll just do a quick 10 minute tidy, just don’t look behind the curtains.
  7. Write back to a new found friend –  I want to savor this, I will save it for later.
  8. Empty my car at the Goodwill – Winter is coming, so I need to get the windows fixed so they will roll up. I should have done this a few months ago. By hauling all this stuff around so I could give it away rather than throw it away, I have spent on gas what could have also been given.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, motivation found, I have been saved by the bell, my cousin, my life long confidant, the sister I never had, just called as I am writing this. She is in the States for a visit with her parents. I did not expect to see her, but she wants to have coffee. (I just want a hug) This is a reason to give thanks. God is good and supplies all your needs. Why do I doubt?


The Boy


imageThe boy, heavy sigh, I learned so much on him that I am surprised he turned out so well. Looking at the second stage of his growth with that frown on his face melts my heart. Thankfully I  responded to the call of Grace right smack dab in middle, and I had not really internalized the impact this must have had on my children until I saw this.

You see life was hard but love abounded during those first years. I expect that sorta kinda grin on his wee little face might have been bigger if I had not pushed so much. He was so good and brilliant, and in my youth and inexperience, I burdened him with excessive expectations, I never let him forget that he was special.

Then came the darkest period of my life, darker than the years of substance abuse and denial of self, these were the years of the law. That frown, that angst, displayed there on my sweet sons face goes well with the prisoners stripes on his red and black shirt, and prison is it what you have when you are working, working, working to follow the rules of religion, but leaving out the compassion and love of a risen Christ. For without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, all you have is rules and laws, and human means to make them obeyed. This unfortunate span occurred because the church I stumbled into while looking for meaning, only spoke of the good things Jesus would do for you if one would just call on His name, but refused to mention sin or the need of redemption for fear of chasing away the lost. So I spent years believing God loved me and died for me, but never understood why.

Hallelujah, what a Savior! He found me and mine in our misery and healed a world of hurt. The transition to following Christ unto the unfettered life he wants for you, was made possible by relying on Him and resting in His power. We were never expected to be able to do it on our own, because if that were so, Why Jesus? Why Grace? There were many things to be forgiven and some torments to be let go of, but with our new found compassionate faith we healed and my son began to venture.

Today, I am proud of the man he has become, and I praise The Lord that He is able to accomplish this in spite of me. It makes me cognizant of God’s omnipotence when I consider how He used all the good and the bad circumstances to mold the boy into a person to be reckoned with. Hallelujah, what a Friend! Saving, helping, keeping, loving, He is with me to the end.