Today is a bevy of blankets kinda day, but I refuse to capitulate! Well maybe I should be honest and just acknowledge that circumstances will not allow it to be so.  For as I sit here with my elixir of life and mentally shuffle the list of expected completion before days end, I am really not feeling it. Perhaps if I work my way through in random order one of them will inspire me to action. (Notice how I am deluding myself as if I had had a choice in the first place)

  1. Complete the bid that is due at the University of Houston – So many government stipulations to be addressed, belch, and anyway who in their right mind makes a bid opening on the day before Thanksgiving.
  2. Cashflow Gazing – It constantly amazes me how it eats my predictions and spends the money when my back is turned.
  3. Mow the lawn – I like this one, alas it is probably the least important, so maybe I should do it first.
  4. Laundry – I am not out of underwear yet, so this could wait, except I was recently informed that mosquitos are drawn to old stinky socks, sigh, I suppose it might be a bit odoriferous in here.
  5. Cook – I really need to do this. My daughter was not pleased as I had her squeeze all the Costco goodies into the fridge. What can I say, I was hungry and she is the one gifted with exceptional spacial abilities.
  6. Clean the house – Naa, don’t want to, but people are coming for Thanksgiving, naa, I’ll just do a quick 10 minute tidy, just don’t look behind the curtains.
  7. Write back to a new found friend –  I want to savor this, I will save it for later.
  8. Empty my car at the Goodwill – Winter is coming, so I need to get the windows fixed so they will roll up. I should have done this a few months ago. By hauling all this stuff around so I could give it away rather than throw it away, I have spent on gas what could have also been given.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, motivation found, I have been saved by the bell, my cousin, my life long confidant, the sister I never had, just called as I am writing this. She is in the States for a visit with her parents. I did not expect to see her, but she wants to have coffee. (I just want a hug) This is a reason to give thanks. God is good and supplies all your needs. Why do I doubt?


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