The Queen


Ugh… is my dish day. Well I am the one that does not want an automated dishwasher. I am also the one that likes to cook large, and the one who tends to make the messes, for much to my families distaste, cooking brings out my creative side.

I can not help it, I open the refrigerator, see the bounty, and it happens, I think what if? I do not really see why they have to get so upset, if it is bad they never have to eat it again, and if it is delicious, they should simply enjoy, because they are never going to get it again, for with an everything in fridge approach to cooking, it is never the same thing twice.

This method of cooking suits me just fine and dandy until it is my dish day, because you see, with seven dish washers there is just enough of a gap to get complacent, therefore I forget to rein in the enthusiasm.

So, it is in these moments that I wish I had not decided to lead by example rather than rule by decree, because looking at my damage today is making the position of queen seem like a really choice duty.