Max vs Godzilla


Hum……should I be concerned? I asked for a thankful tree and this is what I got. I do not know why I was caught off guard, really by now I should expect it, because the year I expressed a desire for a new tree topper I arrived home to this.


I suppose it was better than Ahab’s whale that was adorning the front porch, maybe?


At least I could be thankful that it was stationary. I still recall the Halloween I followed my son around with this monster while he trick or treated as Captain Ahab. I also remember my feelings of smug self satisfaction that I had such an imaginative child, that is until he informed me that I would make a perfect whale. The Lord has a really good sense of humor when it comes to smacking down your pride.

But honestly, I think perhaps it is time to don my wolf suit, make mischief of one kind or another, and tame the wild beasts.

wild things 2