Old Enough

There are many liberations that manifest when your children reach maturity, and for me dressing for self-entertainment is going to become one of them. For you see, eons ago, when my oldest child reached school age, I of my own volition, made a decision to blend. Children are so easily embarrassed unto death by the seemingly pointless things, and I wanted to ease their burden where I could. Now I must pause and wait for it, for I know at this point if any of my offspring are reading this, there is a major snort fest going on, so I will admit that I occasionally fell off the wagon, but I blended as best as I was able, honest.

Well I found this passive attitude of adornment to be incredibly boring, and therefore getting dressed just became another tedious, but necessary task, like cleaning the toilet. I suppose that is why I opted for, does it fit, I will take it drab, as my new look of choice, because really why should the scant money and time available be spent shopping for clothes when they are only serving as camouflage anyway, and to be entirely frank, it was convenient to slip into a dark pool of apathy towards my attire, it is a kind and cozy place, this submersion of self, unfortunately the deeper I sank, the longer and harder the swim to the surface has become.

Well today I had an idea, I have decided, of my own volition, that old enough has arrived, and I am not just referring to the age of the little ones, I mostly mean myself, for I am finding that reaching the age of maturity does have its advantages, and I intend to exploit them all, so this post is intended to be fair warning to the family that you might need to put your blinders on.



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