The Victory

My stuff and I have been engaged in a perpetual battle of tug-of-war for over thirty years. This struggle for supremacy has resulted in a fairly consistent stream of belongs out, only to then be followed by a deluge of belongs in. To say that I have internalized this as a failure in an epic way would be putting it mildly.

Well I read a post the other day regarding whether your life holds any success, and it has me rethinking my attitude. Just perhaps I am approaching my stuff, and many other things in my life, with a completely warped mindset.

So, instead of seeing stuff as my enemy, something to be conquered and subdued, I will embrace it as the blessing it is. Because you see, what I have been forgetting is that with all this stuff, I am being buried with abundance, rather than the alternative of being bereft and in need.

This attitude adjustment puts everything in a whole new light, such as:

  • Costly domicile repairs  = I own a house
  • Not enough cupboards to fit all the food in = Lack of hunger
  • Laundry mountains = Choice in attire

I could go on, and those three are not even the biggies, they are just today’s obstructions.

Additionally, I now have hope instead of despair when I contemplate my current state of living. I do not have a good or logical reason for it, I just feel it in my bones, and that is good enough for me to shout, Victory, Victory I say.



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