Eleven Lords a Leaping

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for Amazon Prime it is an acknowledgement of my procrastinating mentality, and that without the Prime, Christmas might not happen until Epiphany, not really such a bad thing, but I have never been able to get the family to go for it.

Well anyway, I am actually very in tune with the chaotic nature of last minute shopping, that is, as long as it is online, at home, with the lights down low. Okay I am weird, let’s just forget that and move forward, so what happens is that I start out with a sniggling of an idea of what I am looking for, and then, well you know how it is on line, the world is at your fingertips. I go wild, everything with even the slightest possibility is tossed into the cart to be winnowed at the end. There are limitations to what’s available of course, because I waited so long, but I find that this pushes me into areas and ideas that I would not have considered otherwise.

I so enjoy the adventure of never knowing what my gifts will be, kind of like my writing, the end results of a post are more often than not, far removed from where I thought I intended to go. The fluidity is what keeps my attention, without it, I am challenged to finish. I suppose it is true of most things in my life, the leaps are what fascinate me the most.

However, this time I need to finish with where I meant to start. I guess it’s finally Christmas, you could say we have reached the Eleven Lords a Leaping moment of the Christmas season, and since my favorite part of Christmas is to give gifts, I am in need of some undisturbed Amazon time.




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