The Danger

Mowing is my best thinking time, such beautiful words tiptoe across my mind as the blades are whirring. I like to think of it as my way to slip away to fantasy city where the grass is green and the words are pretty.

While I was mowing this morning, it dawned on me that I might have inadvertently put a nose out of joint when I implied that bloggers were not real people. Well there is no way to pretty that up, all I can do is expand upon it.

Of course you are real people; people who are kind, inventive, and funny. What I guess I was trying to get at is that for me, WordPress is a place fraught with dangers: the danger of isolation, the danger of a lack of accountability, the danger of satisfaction.

For it is in the nature of an online persona, its anonymity, that it can lead to self-delusion, for there is not really a source of accountability, except yourself. I would never want to consciously be misleading, but really, it is so easy to get off track sometimes, to be completely unaware, how would I know, and because you are there and I am here, how would you.

This leads me to isolation, for the most part I prefer it. Don’t get me wrong I like people, well okay, I may like them, but I like to avoid them more. Unfortunately isolation also has a lack of outside accountability.

So here I am, able to be alone, and together, with other fascinating people, sharing thoughts, something I can only accomplish because I am not with you, what bliss, what satisfaction.

Yet, this should not be all, I must not let this provide me my only source of relationship. This is the reason I turned off the comments, for I found that as I began to participate in the back and forth interaction, the real interaction, my satisfaction index maxed out, and consequently there was no longer any need to go forth and meet and greet with the physical; to put myself into a position of accountability.

What I can say is that now that I am aware, I am determined to find a fix, and most likely it will come to me as the blades whir pretty in fantasy city.



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