Why and Wherefore



Why do I forget about  the necessary?

I am not speaking of my particular tendency to start, get to the final brick, and pause, for I do recognize my preference for the incomplete, but that is not this.

Because standing in the rain watching my daughter on the roof, checking up on the hole, is not a preference, it is a flat out forgot.


So it seems that the time has come to make some changes, for even though I say why and wherefore, I know, and it is not going to get any better, only worse. My battle with my illness is at the apex of its tipping point. Therefore I really need to be proactive in my preparation, now, while I am still able.

  • LISTS – I have always avoided this because the satisfaction I derive from creating a list of tasks supersedes the desire to do them. However, I am now incapable of remembering upon demand, but I am still able to function in the present, so list making has just made the list.
  • INSTRUCTIONS – I am having trouble remembering how to complete the tasks which I am going to put on my list. So, I need to take the time to compile a book of instructions for all necessary tasks, an actual book, not something electronic that might require a password, but there must also be an electronic copy, for when I lose the book. Write a list of tasks for the book.
  • SHOPPING – Simplify my diet so that the grocery shopping is repetitive. This way a standing order can be put in online and food can be delivered. Make a list of menus, then make a list of the food for the menus. Two lists!
  • TRANSPORTATION – Find out what is available: Taxis, Trains, Buses. Make a book with names and contact information and best choice for a particular journey. Ditto on the electronic copy. Start with a list. Buy a bike.
  • FINANCES – Arrange automatic payments for everything possible. Chose who gets the power of attorney and make them a list of all accounts and passwords.

Rat Snacks! Now I’ve gone and done it, for it has arrived, the feeling of satisfaction and well being, and it has up and saturated, I feel complete, it will be impossible to carry on; why and wherefore did I have to go and write a list.


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