2 Days

Emily at Beach 2013

I had planned a week, but two days was my breaking point. I suppose that could be a good thing considering my one and only resolution for the New Year is moderation.

I have never made a New Years resolution before, because actually what’s the point. If it is something thing you would like to change about yourself, how is the change in one digit going to make a difference, but maybe I am missing something here so I decided to give it a shot, and I am going with moderation.

You see, I tend to jump into things without proper consideration. My impulsive, and annoying, nature likes to give it my all from the get go. Unfortunately, I am also easily bored and prefer the incomplete, therefore I have a really hard time finishing anything. I am not proud of this behavior, it is a major character flaw, but denying its existence will not make it go away, so instead I intend to try to embrace it in this new year, and do a little bit of everything.

At first I considered making up a schedule so that I could squeeze in my¬†little bits¬†of everything, but then I would completely fill my life with activities allotted their little bits of moderated time. Somehow I don’t think that is really the point.

So, then I considered picking just a few items I would like to accomplish and deciding when they were allowed to happen, hum….this is not cutting it either.

I then started a list of what I would eliminate to make room for the “good” things of life, but how is that moderation? No this not what I am aiming for. I want it all, but how?

So now I am back to where I was when I started last year.

Put God first and everything else will fall into place.

I really like this.

No stress, no plan, just God.


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