I have managed to snag two recruits to help me win my war upon the grass, and boy oh boy are they good ones. The girl, she sees my vision and has plunged into the task full steam ahead. The boy, well there was a tad bit of mother guilt applied, but I will excuse myself for that, because we need his muscle.

Very quickly the side yard I had been laboring on for weeks after work was cleared and the roses planted.


We just need to recruit the master builder to put in the trellises for the blackberry vines. There were plans to mix in succulents with the roses but I really just want lots and lots of blackberries, because then maybe I will get some, for usually they are eaten straight off the vine first thing in the morning by who ever gets there first. However I did relent with myself over one corner of the space, and planted a hibiscus bush. I think I must be trying to recapture a childhood memory of sitting under our neighbors large and glorious bright red hibiscus bush and making rows of dancing ladies with the flowers; many splendiforous hours of make believe accumulated under that bush. Perhaps I will place a dreaming chair in the sun next to this bush and try again.

Then today we, or I suppose I should say they, made great progress on the section to be expunged from the front.


When it is finished, there will be apricots and peaches planted here, along with artichokes and strawberries to start. We will need to plant flowers and such along with the edibles to keep it at least sorta kinda looking like a front yard. Heavy sigh….what a waste of space and water these large grass carpets are.


The apricot and peach have been egging us on, they must know that their freedom is right around the corner, literally.

Also, I think I must have somehow forgot to mention that when we finish in the front, the war is still raging in the rear, but I think they will reenlist if they know that green beans will be planted here, and I remind them of fresh picked tender green beans sautéed with onions and bacon.


Having moved here less than a year ago we have had to make due with a small patch near the garage, as the property was neglected for years and full of debris. Even though it was small and not a very good spot, it was encouraging to have something growing, and it did just fine for bell peppers, I picked the last of them today and pulled up the plants.


Thorina on the loose.


Tomorrow I wanted to finish the new rabbit habitat. Currently Hopper is living in an enclosure that was thrown together with expediency out of necessity.


We wanted something that the boys could get into to be able to play with her, and a larger pen has been planned and started, however as it was being constructed it was discovered that she has been an industrious bunny. Those two large rocks next to newly erected side are plugging up the cave-in of Hoppers extensive underground burrow. I am thinking it might be best to leave her be for the remainder of the winter; at least now I can stop worrying about her.


Clever Bunny


So instead I will tackle the lemon monster that is too prolific for its own good.


To God be the glory for providing such a wondrous world!


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