The Dark Before the Dawn

I did this crazy thing, I hired help at work. At the moment I have three different desks, all with separate responsibilities. Needless to say, I’m a bit over stressed. Still, why oh why did I have to go and do it in January, the busiest month of the year.

For you see I decided to take advantage of the need for a new work station by rearranging the current employees, and myself, into a more convenient layout. Of course I didn’t think it through, I just jumped into it without a plan as usual, and I tell you what, it is pretty impossible to work when you can’t find anything.

Well today as I sat in the midst of my boxes and piles, I noticed that someone had moved and arranged my mothers bric-a-brac from my old office to my new one.


Instantly all just seemed right with the world. You see, I took over my mothers responsibilities in the company when she retired. She was the accountant and a darn good one too. She left these knickknacks behind when she went home one night and decided it was time to stay there. I had forgotten about them in the dark corner of my oldĀ office, but here in the sun they remind me why I am here, where I came from, and the fact that my daughter is now working under me to take over as the accountant as soon as she finishes her second degree.

She is already better at it than I am, for she is a pattern and detail kind of person, whereas I tend toward the big picture and what ifs, and unfortunately accountants do not appreciate creativity with the journals, but I like to think of them as my scrape books with pretty colors from corrections. Truly though I will be more than happy to give it up and spend more time as the queen of cashflow, because it does take leaps of faith and experimental what ifs, to juggle the ins and outs of a corporation that is growing faster than its capital can keep up.

I was intending to write about doors tonight, not work. About the goodness of God, and how He often gives you much more than you ask for, or have even conceived a need of. For you see my new office has a door.


And my bedroom at our new home has a door.


So I can almost see the wheels spinning in your mind as you think, what do doors have to do with anything?

Well they give you a place to retreat to when the darkness is pressing in from the anxiety of living without stability and security. Doors are a simple thing which I will never take for granted. Not when I lived for so many years without a space to call my own. So when I realized that this year, I not only have someplace to sleep, dress, and keep my clothes that is all in one place, with a door I can close and be alone, and now I also have an office with a door, which I can close when I feel the need for just five minutes of peace, sigh. I can only praise TheĀ Lord, and marvel at His creativity in answering my plea for sanity, with doors.


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