What a Friend

Teresa is a very bad friend, truly. Perhaps this is why she prefers to keep her own company. For who would not rather be friendless than a failure.

She used to try, doggedly, and even now with the knowledge of the regret to follow, still occasionally slips up and ventures forth. However nothing satisfactory ever comes of it for the other party. Disappointment always takes the day.

It is not that Teresa does not care, quite the opposite, Teresa cares too much.

It really is illogical that this abundance of emotion produces nothing, instead of something. But unfortunately in a comedy of absurdity, Teresa cannot seem to find equilibrium between interaction, and its arch nemesis failure, thus paralysis ensues.

However this tale does have a happy ending. Teresa is not destined to a life of loneliness, for even in her self imposed isolation, she has the best and truest friend there is. One who knows the desires of her heart, one who sees her trapped love, one who understands her fears and foibles, and yet, still loves her unconditionally; forever.

What a friend she has in Jesus.