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Sneaky treachery I say. First she drew me close with the temptation of a list, for oh how I do love lists, and then! She threw down the gauntlet with her abdication of the rules; I have no choice, I must engage.


1.Favorite Love Story Book:

Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton ~ I love to sing this book with just the right amount of nasal twang in my voice so that it leads with continuity into my yodeling howls near the end, because come on, what grandbaby can resist a rabid grandma coming at them for a kiss.

2. Share Your Best Valentine Memory:

The many years of making Valentines with my children, the pulling out of the boxes of special paper, ribbons, bows, stamps, and I mustn’t forget those delightful doilies. We would begin weeks ahead of time and create each one with love and laughter. If I get nothing else from this composition but the resurrection of this memory I will be well pleased. Perhaps tomorrow I will try and find those old buried boxes in the black hole we have hidden in our garage.

3.Favorite Fictional Hero/Heroine:

This one is hard, for how do you chose between Colonel Brandon and Atticus Finch? However, when push comes to shove, I will have to say Atticus from the book not the movie, however looking like Gregory Peck never hurts the eyes.

4. What Story has the Most Memorable Romantic Moment, Kiss, Proposal, etc.?

This one is easy, hands down Edward and Elinor in Sense and Sensibility. Elinors joy in that moment when she learns of Edwards availability is heart rending, and then her families release of exultation pushes it over the top.

5. What is Your All Time Favorite Romantic Movie?

Up, if I am being practical, for love really is in the small everyday moments of a life shared together, sigh… But, I don’t think anyone can beat a Hindi movie when it comes to straight up, no holds barred romance.

6.You can go anywhere for a romantic getaway, fiction or non-fiction, where do you go?

A meandering  motorcycle ride from LA to Alaska. You did say fiction, right?

7. Who do you want to be your Valentine?

The one I can’t have of course.

8. Chocolate or Flowers?

Flowers, flowers, flowers!  Inside and out, always and forever.

9. Novels, Romance or Adventure?

If it has words, I’ll read it. But I do like my genres singular in my reading, whereas if this were a movie, the more chaos the merrier, such as a swashbuckling romantic Korean comedy I just watched called The Pirates, now that had it all!

10. Which fictional villain, do you secretly love?

Doyle Lonnigan from The Sting. I don’t know why, and I don’t explore it, it just is.

Thank you very much AbbieLu for giving me something to ponder.

Blessings Belinda


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