Sweet Dreams

Matilda, at first, was frightened when confronted with the question, “What is your BIG dream for God; assuming unlimited resources?” Perhaps what caught her most off guard was the phrasing of the question. For without reason, it appeared to her as if this were something to which she should already have an answer.

However, as her lifelong fear of being put on the spot unprepared subsided, she was then able to relax and realize it was not a test of some kind. So she began to honestly exam this query, which had never crossed her mind before, even in the hypothetical.

The unexpected speed at which Matilda came across her answer surprised her, so much so, that she paused, registered the data, and filed it away in that section of her mind that runs continuously in the back ground, tinkering with the tenuous, attempting to give it form. She knew it was just a dream, but oh how it intrigued.

Because you see, with the codicil of unlimited resources, Matilda was able to let loose and dream big, way outside the box, and thus she realized how delicious it would be to quit her job, buy a large property, take in as many children, teens, adults, whoever really, as she could, and live within an ever expanding communal family that took care of each other, and beyond.

For a group working together for the glory of God, tending and feeding those without, helping the hurting, giving purpose to those that needed to feel needed, expanding the circle of love and belonging, well, they could accomplish so much.

Besides, Matilda definitely placed herself within the group of the needy, for everyone needs something, and she figured that with time, she would have more extended family than she could ever imagine, and family has your back.

It would be such a lovely win win setup.

Alas, it was just a dream, but sweet dreams are made of this, and who am I to disagree.