Timber or Home for a Gnome


The drought in California has gone and done her in. Of course we hemmed and hawed about taking her down, so did the tree service, for her lower half still looked plush. However the danger of “wait and see” was too great, because with every rain Cedarella was dropping ground thumping appendages.

Therefore I have to admit to a feeling of relieve, when as she was stripped and shorn, it was discovered that her top half was in serious trouble. It was actually quite interesting to maneuver two chunks of identical size, and have one be almost immovable, while the other had considerably less heft.

Thankfully, with a family of my size, it was not too difficult to find someone in it, that knew someone who had a mill, and would not mind having a sixteen foot piece of cedar. The tree service was incredulous when we asked if they would leave this piece.

imageThey also very were helpful, and intrigued, when we asked if they would initially cut this monster twenty feet long, and then cut us a couple of anvil stands. One for my son and daughter who are toying with blacksmithing, and one for a random stranger who stopped by and asked for one, because lo and behold, he is an amateur blacksmith. It gives me comfort to think that perhaps there are more than you know out there keeping alive the skill of making stuff from scratch.

But I digress from the saga of the log. For the someone who knew someone who wanted wood, went to China, which abandoned poor Cedarella in the spot in which she fell, and you see, I now have grown attached to her. So I ponder, would this be an appropriate lawn decoration?


Perhaps not, well my alternative plan might not be as easy to accomplish, for I was considering purchasing a two-man saw and throwing a party (this means food as an incentive) to get some men over here with a challenge of seeing who could cut slices the quickest. And even if they hardly make a dent, for the someone who knows someone will eventually return, the amusement and pleasure to be captured in those moments we gather and play, are a spice of life.

But then again, I think with a few strategically placed yard gnomes Cedarella could look right at home. Hum…I wonder?




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