Bonnie Foo Foo

Little Bonnie Foo Foo is dying for the evenings, so she can go hop, hop, hopping through the blog fields, joining with all the people, frolicking in the words of play pouring from her head.

But later after midnight, the panic it awakens, it doesn’t play well with others, causing Bonnie Foo Foo to gather up her playmates, and bop, bop, bop them on the head.

Therefore with a sigh of sorrow, down came the Good Fairy and said, “Little Bonnie Foo Foo I don’t want to see you, deleting all your playmates, please, please, please try loving them instead.”

So along came the next night, and what do we find but, Little Bonnie Foo Foo panicking through the blog fields, desperately wanting all her playmates, but deleting them in dread.

Heavy sigh, not again. So down came the Good Fairy and kindly explained.

Little Bonnie Foo Foo do you really not realize what controls your life, and no amount of boot strapping will ever change this fact, so stop being a goon.

Wait, wait, wait, Little Bonnie Foo Foo! don’t panic and please do be still, and try to listen to this close.

Little Bonnie Foo Foo you have found an outlet, so please stop hop, hop, hopping, through the blog fields gathering up the people, and bopping them on the head.

And Little Bonnie Foo Foo said,



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