3)My Muse

3) What genre of music is your muse?

My music tastes are all over the place, but while trying to narrow down the focus of this post, the first thing that came to mind was a play list which fits on a disc for listening to in my antiquated car Bessie. It is my chillaxer after a hard day.

I used it a lot when driving home after a long day exposed to sun or rain at swim meets. For competitive swimmers are in the water always, unless of course there is lightning. This particular selection helped disperse the adrenalin that would build up watching and agonizing over the races for days at a time.

My daughter would always laugh at me when I would tell her how exhausting it was to sit all day. She just did not realize the wear and tear on your body that comes with the anticipation building towards the all important, the shorter the better, swims, and then to not get the release of the race which the athletes experience. Now that she is a coach rather than a swimmer she has an entire team to stress over😧 So she finally understands why after a long meet I would be down and out for a while.

I have linked below a few of the songs from the playlist spoken of above.

Blessings, Belinda


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