4) Don’t Forget to Leave the Love On

4) Who is your biggest blog fan?

❤️My mother❤️

After 54 years she gets to know what I think. For I have finally found a way to share my thoughts, my love, and my appreciation of her. She has been infinitely patient, because loving someone who rejects mental intimacy must be very difficult, and now she finally gets to be a part of my secret life.

When we get together she is understanding enough of my fear of exposure that she will only allude to my rambles, but occasionally she will like one to the point of having to acknowledge it with more than a passing nod. This gives me the warm fuzzies, but I have to assume that she knows me well enough not to do it too often, as that would cause me painful embarrassment.

Still, being able to finally let her know how much I love and admire her, makes the knowing of me by others worth it, and besides, the love I am getting back is kinda nice too ☺️


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