The Fort

I have decided to build my grandsons a corn fort. It is a comprise with myself. You see, I will get to plant something, and my traitorous body will not have to over extend itself. For I really do not want to give in completely to the pain and fatigue that seems to have arrived a bit larger than ever before, and now appears to want to stay for an extended visit; such bad manners this episode has 😕

Besides by turning this project into fun and games and not being concerned with whether the ground is perfectly prepared, or getting anything edible, I will have two enthusiastic helpers whose abilities meet or exceed the parameters, and sneaky sneaky 😉 what ever is accomplished will only make the next planting that much easier.

However, knowing my eldest, she will have green beans and squash planted in that corn as soon as my back is turned, for I don’t think she will be able to forego dressing a ready made trellis standing naked in the yard 😳


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