7) Ta-da

7) What is the goal for your blog?

Of all ten questions, this one is the most difficult, because it is the last.

I could easily be all la-de-da and philosophical, however I think I will default to blatantly honest, even if it does come across as trite and unappreciative.

I write this blog because it is fun, and when it stops being so, I will stop.

Actually I am pleasantly surprised I have stuck with it this long. Lol, I know, I know, there have been many retreats and attempts to kill it, but that was from prowling fear, not from the lack of enjoyment.

It is not apparent to you, and how would it be, you don’t know me, but I rarely finish anything by choice. I am not sure what it is about completion that bothers me, but I almost always hesitate, pause, and walk away before the last piece is placed.

It has taken concerted effort on my part to complete all ten of the questions on Faye’s list. Almost as if when I answer this last one, completion will settle into my psyche, and I will have finished with this blog.

So this last sentence terrifies me.


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