Chicken Herding

I have finally mastered the act of chicken herding!

Why am I so excited by this?

Well it means I can let the chickens out of their protected place while I go about the task of caring for the animals under our care. It makes them happier and healthier if I give them a small slice of freedom while I collect the eggs, clean the nesting boxes, and replenishing their food and water supply.

But for me the most important aspect of this new found skill is that they are over there while I am over here.

You see, I have an unreasonable fear of birds. I will tamp it down below panic when it is necessary, but having them pecking around my feet in a closed in space, yikes! I will always do it because I won’t let them go hungry, but yikes! At least they don’t try to fly inside the run😳

And now I can let them out for the twenty minutes or so it takes to survey my kingdom, since I can so easily get them back in.

So lovely for me in multiple ways, fear free feeding, and the eggs are more tasty and orange when they’re able to scratch for bugs and eat some greens.

Unless of course it is today. The family is all over me for getting up and puttering around on my wounded knee. Sigh….they love me😌


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