The Sunrise

I do not like waking up in the dark.

I drive my youngest son to school every morning. It was my idea that he take all 7 am classes this term so that I would be able to do so. For you see, this is his last year of high school. He will be graduating this June, and he has been accepted into the college of his choice, and therefore will be leaving in the fall. So by driving him to school he is my captive. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we just sit together peacefully in silence, sometimes he regales me with his visions. I bask in all three.

This morning I wasted some of my precious time with my son grumbling about having to drive in traffic in the dark. How it just seems incongruous to have traffic and dark at the same time. So, I dropped him off at school and headed back east to come home to get ready for work, and as I hopped on the freeway the sun peeked over the hills right before my eyes. Hallelujah!

For me there is something about the sunrise that pauses all attitudes, and begs for humility and praise. God’s eye popping reminder of the gift of another day in all its beauty and splendor just makes all things fall into their rightful place in my world.

So now instead of grumbling about the dark, I will miss it when it goes as the days get longer, for then the sunrise will be behind me as I drive, but all is not lost, for I will still have the company of my baby for a little while longer.

Thank You Lord for giving me my son and for giving me another day to do Your will.




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