Foswabian Ramble

My feeling of satisfaction and well being as pertains to this blog has vanished into thin air. Maybe it will return, maybe not. What changed I wonder? Perhaps it is because I feel that I have nothing left to say. At least for today, and I am not really sure if I want to return to my cup runneth over days, where the words and thoughts gripped me constantly.

Well, they do still grab hold of me, and spin gold out of straw. It is just that as my memory continues its slide into oblivion, I cannot remember them long enough to weave them into coherency. They slip away even before the ink of my imagination dries. I remember only well enough, to know that they were there, but to try write them down is a banquet of frustration.

Additionally, why only now, do I catch a glimmer of the public exposure I have let myself in for, it would have been better form to have remained in the dark I think.

So I think I will finish up today’s ramble with the story of foswab.

For it amuses me 😊

I must preface with the fact that as a child I took everything said too literally, and with complete seriousness, probably still do, I just hide it better 😉

Anyway, Growing up, the family always gathered together and ate the delicious home cooked meals my mother made. Every night as we would finish, someone would ask what was for dessert. My mother would reply “Foswab” and laughter would ensue. Except of course from me, for I wanted that foswab, I mean, it must be tasty if it brought such happiness to the others just by the speaking of it.

This misunderstanding must have started when I was quite young and continued for years as I waited for the day the foswab would actually make its way onto the table, and into my mouth. Finally I could take it no more, and I cried out in rage for my foswab, why were they keeping it from me, when would I be old enough to get it like they kept telling me.

Sigh….that is the day my mother explained. We never had dessert after dinner because we ate our sweets in the afternoon, so that dinner could be served later when everyone was home. And foswab was just her way of saying, enjoy the “feeling of satisfaction and well being” of being with family, good food, a snug home, another day done.

I use this word myself now quite a lot. For it encompasses so much.

However, I always try and explain exactly what it means when I do.

Praise God from whom all foswab flows.



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