This Too Shall Pass

Giving away my car has been one of the best stress reducers I have done in a long time. I so love how music creates those leaps into the unexpected. I will move on to something besides this theme of walking to work rambling soon. I am just being self indulgent, but thanks for reading!

Light My Fire – Doors

Sweet sweet early morning sunshine, but sacrilege of sacrilege, no sun screen, instead I am soaking in that vitamin D, and I am feeling better for it. So what if my skin looks old, because guess what, I’m old, and I don’t care. However, I do use my umbrella for the walk home, because wow, that late afternoon sun is the one that will lay you low for sure.

All the Way – Delirious

Me too, me too, I want to go all the way with You. Such a promise of peace. Be still my beating heart as I am washed as white as the snow,and an old crimson stain becomes just a shadow. Today, choose it, today.

Angel Band – Dirk Powell, Tim O’Brien, and John Herrmann. 

Banjos….Sigh…My kids tease me so for my love of  “hillbilly music”, but find some and listen, you will be hooked too. It cannot be easy to create this kind of music. You have to be truly skilled, nothing is hidden or masked with noise. 

I Lost it – Kenny Chesney

Everyone makes mistakes, struggles with fears; forgive them 70 times 7.

Rainfalls – The West Girls

This is what family is all about; the blending. Each member, no matter how divergent, is necessary to bind the whole together, to make something beautiful.

Becky Brown – The West Girls

Hah, covert female cattiness with a happy heart. Gotta love it though 🙂

Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

The best of the morning here, it surrounded me with love from a bygone era. My estranged husband had just as much trouble communicating his feelings as I do. When we were young and having silly young love troubles with our marriage, he made me a play list of some of the best love songs out there, and then sang along with it, to me, melt melt melt….sigh.



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