Day Book #1

Today is April 6th 2016 AD

The weather is pleasant, so my walking was smooth. I am glad I remembered to take the clippers with me so that I could prune back the trees that either catch my umbrella or cause me to have to step off the sidewalk. I also pruned back the bougainvillea I had planted at the shop and tucked it in a bit; it is really looking fine.

Work today was made difficult by a conference call in the office. I had a noise melt down and trembled from the intensity of it all. One of these days I don’t know if I am going to be able to hold it all in, and I will start screaming uncontrollably to return my equilibrium; how embarrassing that would be. Just so glad I have my headphones and ipod which can scream for me until the urge passes. Unfortunately my mind was spinning manic until the surge wore off, which then led to exhaustion, which led to excessive coffee, which leads to further stress.

Starting this journal today, kind off excited about it.

Going to unplug myself and work on a new dress or two. It is getting hot and I need some cotton clothes to walk in.

❤️ Blessings Belinda


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