Day Book #2

Thursday April 7th 2016 – My favorite day of the work week. Almost Friday but without the panic of finishing what was put off when there was plenty of time πŸ™„

Today was a really good day. Hence many options, but the thing that comes to mind as the best, is how I am getting so much done that I want to do, not have to do, since trying to limit my time on here. However now that I emerged from the black hole of my room, my time is getting booked by the offspring faster than, well just faster than. So maybe my exploration of living in the between spaces will have to simmer for awhileπŸ€” Hum….

Sigh….Even though today was a really good day, I can think of many things I would have liked to banish, from the trivial, like I forgot my watch at work so I didn’t have my crutch to fiddle with in the painful pauses, (the stop lights where people are looking and other such places), during my walk home from work, to the intense, like my number three daughter looks unhappy, why?

But if I am going to be honest with myself, the lowest point of my day so far is when I used the foibles of another in a story to entertain a coworker. Shame, shame, shame. I have always hated Β it when someone did that to me. It hurts to have your faults and quirks be a source of entertainment, to have them be publicly displayed for all to laugh at just to make the teller look clever. Sigh…why do you do the very thing you don’t want to do, even when you know better. Yes most definitely a low point.😞

Once again it is time to unplug, for those dresses are not going to cut out themselves.

Blessings Belinda ❀️


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