Let’s Do That Again

Well, what do you know, I live seven songs from work, even in the rain.

Further On Up the Road – Eric Clapton

Clapton; enough said.

Anything But Mine – Kenny Chesney

In my youth, there were no rules with consequences, no guidelines, no instruction, no advice. This makes a young girl prey to many without the best of intentions. Also families that do have rules, guidelines, instruction, and advice, to do not appreciate those without. Therefore exclusion from the proper occurs, and cannot be easily regained. I cannot say whether my parents lack of parenting was caused by a faulty philosophy, of children learn best by mistakes so do not interfere, or from the 1960’s model of absentee bread winning father, and an unfortunate, hurting, grieving, and distant mother trapped inside herself. All I do know for sure is that the combination of those factors, created a free and natural wild thing, enabled into being by the liberal use of mind altering substances, one that lived with exuberance, barefoot, with her face into the warm wind, no ties, just the now. However as I am sure you know, nothing is free, and eventually the consequences of a hedonistic life style come home to roost. Still, there was pleasure in hedonism and this song brings back the sweet embrace of a young girl I have denied existence for too many years. I have no desire for her to return, and would be horrified if my offspring had chosen my youthful path, however since I am every day living with the reality of what my childhood choices cost me, I might as well let myself bask in some of the warm waves of memories too.

You Belong to Me – Jo Stafford

The dichotomy of the hollow richness of this song captures me. The sound quality of the one I purchased is so much better than this, thus I don’t think you can ascertain what I am speaking of.

I’m a Believer – Smash Mouth

Oh Yes, Swim Meets: dawn awakenings, driving far, cold, grumpy, and then as you enter the deck being greeted by boisterous music to get you going and into the water for those early morning warm ups. Fun times 🙂

I Believe in the Man in the Sky – Elvis Presley

Would Elvis have had a better life without his fame I wonder, but he did chase after it as an adult, not have it placed upon him as a child. It made me think of my number three daughter, who had the sparkle, the twinkle necessary for childhood fame, so consequently I was approached more times than I want to remember to put her into the industry, but as lucrative as it might have been for her, it was not a childhood I would wish upon anybody. So every time the answer was no.

My goal all along as a parent was to end up with people who I liked and respected as adults, not people who necessarily had an easy childhood; for you spend a lot more of your life as an adult than you do as a child. So it was okay that they might not have liked me at times when growing up, because that temporary sadness was worth it, and wow it is such a blessing the day your children look back and thank you for saying no.

Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Bubble

This brings back happy memories of a close knit time in the life of the family. We had just fled an environment where everyone felt inhibited to exhibit any feelings, so when my daughter started purchasing this happy upbeat music. Oh how fun to sing along and dance and smile together. Snicker, snicker, much to the dismay and embarrassment of number two son, who was stuck alone in a house full of women after his brother went off to college. I think he has seen every chick flick and cheesy romantic movie out there, for the computer and dvd player were in the same small space in that tiny little house full of love.


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