Day Book #4

April 10th 2016

Today started off with such promise. What happened?

The high point of the day was my quiet time with Lord this morning. Something that I will seek out again when I am finished here, God willing.

The bottom of the day just sort of crept up on me, and now the dark cloud of sadness has returned. I am being smothered, and I am so claustrophobic!  Perhaps I did too much, but I don’t think so, perhaps there is no reason, it just is what it is……sigh

I have once again made my blog private. I have been toying with the idea for sometime,and feeling it was the right thing to do for multiple reasons, but now that he is reading it, I am paralyzed with doubt and insecurities, so the decision was made when I gave him the web address regardless. Perhaps when I have time I will go through and pick and choose what can be made public, and still remain inside my comfort zone.

Seems impossible, but anything is possible if you stay in the shadow of His glory.

❤️Blessings Belinda


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