Day Book #7

Sunday April 24th 2016

Today we were finally able to break ground on the corn fort. It has been crazy making trying to arrange a time when the grandbabies, their mother, and myself were all available, but finally today was the day.


I should have taken pictures of the varies stages of construction but I never think to do so in the moment. I wish I had, because the dog and the rabbit came over and settled in to watch the hullabaloo. Why is it that dogs always seem to sit in the very spot you don’t want them to, and then bring their rabbit pal along with them.

Add on to this my letting of the chickens out to roam, only to have them be chased and hugged by number two grandson, Squawk! Eventually we took pity upon those hens, let them escape back into captivity, and gave him the hose instead to water himself.

During all this digging and sitting and squawking, number one grandson was intermittently escaping from the tediousness of grass removal, and bringing the new baby chicks out of their safe spot, one by one, to be admired and approved. He is doing such a super job of caring for them.

Then throw into this mix, number two sons arrival, who gets tickled pink if he can succeed in throwing on another layer of chaos, and more often than not he does 🙄

So, yes, I would have to say chatting about nothing in particular with number one daughter, while all the while working on this folly together, was definitely the high point of my day.


I suppose if I am going to stick with the program I need to consider a low point for today, but I am having trouble with it. Not because there was not a down side of today to consider. What kind of day doesn’t have low points, not mine that’s for sure. It is just that I can feel the resistance building to the guidelines I have created surrounding this format. I can just see my fingers playing havoc with the keyboard if I am not careful. It must be time to move on; tomorrow perhaps.

Because todays low point should be spoken. It once again appears I did not corral my mind regarding a church to attend. I mistakenly thought my mind and I had agreed on a church just a few blocks away (I gave my car away) However when this morning rolled around, fear of the new and unexplored took hold, and we discovered a multitude of reasons (excuses) to resist.



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