Yolanda Waits

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Yolanda was on its trail; diligently. She wanted it more than she ever thought was possible. When it veered, she veered, when it paused, she paused, no stone or idol was left unturned, as she never once removed her focus from it and the finish, and then, she blinked, just once, and somehow forgot. Her striving, it switched off, just like that, with a snap, crackle, and pop.

It wasn’t intentional, she did not decide to give up on the pursuit, in actuality, she just forgot she was in mid hunt. So consequently on this day of inauspicious beginning, when she awoke, dressed, gathered her umbrella, and set out to travel down the well worn path of the least resistance, the path of the past. Little did she know that it had been torn up, destroyed, made impassable, by no other than herself, and thus was taken aback and surprised by the damage, and the endless looping caution tape preventing her passage.

As she surveyed her surrounds and found nothing left which was familiar, from her feet to the far flung reaches of the horizon, what should she do was the question set before her as she pondered how to proceed. There were only three clear choices, at least three were all she was able to discern in her current distress, and she, being ever practical, only gave these three notice and authenticity.

Should she go on a rampage against the destroyer of her passage, looking for someone or something to blame, someplace to apply some suffocating guilt; she was quite good at that…hum….maybe.

Perhaps she should pull on her sturdiest boots, and spend her remaining available resources cleaning up the mess, putting everything back just as it was before, before, before? Unfortunately she forgot what was before, before she even finished the…….?

Or just possibly, if she was still and quiet, and waited very very patiently, she would manage to arouse the hidden people who resided within, and they would carry her over, under, through and beyond, to a place of magical contentment, and unto the freedom from the need to hunt ever again, for the elusive it of evermore.