This and That

I went out this evening to take a picture of the progress of the corn fort before it was too far along to be a beginning, and was consequently drawn into a little of this and a little of that in the process.


Flowers have taken over the place of the hibiscus. It might be puny now, but it surely won’t stay that way for long, and besides, the best made plans should always be open to adjustment. At least that’s my story and I am sticking to it 😉 Yep. Still, we will have to wait until winter to disturb it again. I have been told that it needs its rest after the trauma of this latest burial, and I so do not want to lose it for sentimental reasons. For this poor pitiful bush was one of my number one daughters first plant purchases after she took on the task of the outside things in our first rental, and we have been carting it around ever since. We really must find it a place to root for life 🤔


We have been busy busy, but we finally put in the posts for the black berry vines. It will be handy having these here. I can’t wait to plant peas when the berries are pruned back. It has been so long since we could just step outside and eat off the vine 😍


The grass has been removed laboriously by daughter number three. She was able to get the edging on, soaker hoses in, and some sweet william planted before swim season started and coaching beckoned. The lilies, artichokes, and strawberries will have to wait. Also, we want to widen the walk by about eighteen inches and she has decided to learn about concrete and do it herself. I am told everything you ever wanted to know is on YouTube. Well, I am game if she is 😳 This is why I so prefer to own rather than rent; we get to experiment!


I find it amusing that Bat Bunny, (her small owner was Batman for the entire third year of his life), likes to pen herself in behind the pieces of tomato tepee frame leaning against the fence, even when she has the free reign of the yard now that she has dug her way out of her pen. Sigh… I just don’t have it in me to confine her in a cage above the ground. We haven’t quite worked out how we are going to keep her out of the corn…..hum?  Well to keep it simple, I will just let that go for now, for the answer does always come if you just wait for it to percolate a bit.


Tonkas and wood. It just makes me smile to see these rugged beat up old toys powering their way over the wood. My number two son’s job for this summer is to split and transport all this cedar to his grandparents house, because they prefer to heat their house with their fireplaces. Hehehe…this is only the small stuff and a tiny little portion of the whole 😆 He is going to have such fun.


The gutters from the boat races blew off the top of the chickens coop in the last wind storm. The weather this year is being so unpredictable. I am loving and liking it, the never knowing what’s next 🙃  So anyway, seeing these here all tumbled around gave me an idea. Number one grandson wants to have pine wood derby races this 4th of July. Perhaps these could be modified into a sort of improvised race way? The cars are not the problem for us, even though we should get started the way we procrastinate 😟 it is the raceway that has been eluding me. Humm…..I wonder?


At last the beginning of the corn fort. They are doing a super job. (better than I would that’s for sure) Next the water system will go in and an old piece of carpet for the center, some weed cloth and gravel along the fence, and of course the corn needs to be planted 🙄 Unfortunately I picked up a bug on my trip to the doctors earlier this week and have not been able to help much, but I am up for it now, which of course means it will rain tomorrow.  However, I am totally okay with that, because I never never never turn my nose up at free water!

Blessings Belinda❤️


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