Not so Toasty After All

“It will be a piece of toast, don’t worry,” I said. Then he reminded me about last time, which I had conveniently forgotten, and it was obvious from his tone, that he had not. You see, last time he left me in charge of his cats, he come home to nothing, they had been eaten in his absence.

It really wasn’t my fault, but still, when a nine year old boy goes off to camp leaving his two mama cats and their half a dozen kittens in the care of his mother, he really does not expect to come home to such terrible news. It broke my heart to tell him.

Perhaps that is why I had so neatly tucked it away into the deep recesses of my memory banks. Well yes it would be enough, the telling, but when you add on the memory of being awoken in the middle of the night and hearing the cats terror and anguish as the pack of coyotes finished them off, I can understand why I had suppressed such a thing.

Those two mama cats, MadEye and Moody, were rescues from a liter of feral cats from the parking lot at work. They were smart, and spent their nights sleeping on the patio roof, tucked in under the eaves. But alas, we did not get them fixed soon enough and the kittens were impossible to keep out of harms way, they just refused to remain in the safe spaces provided them, and thus, led the mothers right into the thick of it.

So today as he was getting into the car to go camping at the beach for a few days, I assured him that all would be well, and he took that departing opportunity to drop the bomb on me, and remind me of that last time, Yikes!

So his adorable little blue eyed kitten better make it through the next few days or I am never going to be forgiven, because twice in one lifetime would just be too much.

Maybe is was not such a good idea to name her Toast 😳




Day Book#10

The Corn Fort is Sprouting!


The new, not so baby, chickens are going exploring.

The wood is being split. He only has a month to finish before he leaves for Japan.


He is currently running away from home (with Internet of course)


The lemons have returned again! I know that’s how it works. It is just that I have gone from lack to abundance, and have discovered that they are not so easy to give away 😟


I like this picture of the recycled copper my daughter uses to create jewelry.


I went out this morning to spend the day puttering around in the yard, but ended up going shopping with my daughter instead. Not for clothes and such. We like to go dream about tools, fixtures, gizmos and doodads. There are so many lovely things to imagine. We made it to Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco, before I ran out of steam and needed to rest ( aka nap). Still, this is the most I have been able to do in weeks. I am thinking that this latest flare up of mine is soon to dissipate. It is sooooo boring to be in pain and exhausted all the time.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.



Day Book 9

May 25th 2016, a Wednesday.

The weather in So Cal is wonderful again this May. The days are full of unexpected gusty breezes and hovering dark storm clouds. I suppose if I was trying to grow a garden this year, I would be bemoaning my tomatoes mildew, but instead, being fruitless, I can revel in the gloomy Mays and Junes we have been given for quite a few years now; I will miss them when they go.

Today there was a break through at work! It will have to be given the ranking of high point, even though the day, as a whole, produced many. For you see we solved a problem in the books, which at first gave all appearances of being a black hole of fixes. Each correction produced another error, which when corrected produced another error, which when corrected produced another error, and so on and so forth, but we preserved until the end and the books balanced, whew!

Still, I most say that balancing the books is not what had us high fiving and dancing in the halls, no. It was the realization that between the two of us, my daughter and I, we had an accumulated knowledge that could unravel even the most tightly tangled of conundrums. Thus we now at least have a toe or two on the path of peace of mind. Yes!

The low point of my day comes in the form of knee high rye blooming all around my house. I am allergic, my son is allergic, we are dying here. Benadryl makes me tired and grouchy. Tired and grouchy makes me hungry, which is blowing my fitness plan to hell and high water….sigh. And you know what, it is all the lawn mowers fault. So I did what I must and banished it to the sharpener to get its act together. Tomorrow I think I will go and visit it and see if it is ready to come home and be a productive member of the household again. Wish me luck 😉

❤️ Blessing Belinda


Sweet Simplicity

Carol Hand posted the video below and it is so touching. Her writing is always insightful, thought provoking, and peaceful. Reading her post about simplicity has reawakened the journey I had begun many, many, well long ago, to narrow down the focus of my life. Somehow in all the moving and upheaval of the last decade, I lost my way, and am now stuck in the doldrums of hopelessness. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the abandonment of my quest for simplicity. If for no other reason than to give me a reason to blow some wind into my sails and set a course which could actually be navigated quite simply; as long as I have Jesus at the helm that is. And just maybe, upon arrival at journeys end, I will have gained what is necessary to free my spirit from its bound tight prison of dashed hopes

Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free
‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed,

To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.

Simple Gifts was written by Elder Joseph Brackett in 1848


A New Birthday Wish

It is funny how life changes. The progression always fascinates, but then again, I am easily entertained. You see, it is my birthday, and for as long as forever, I have been wanting to spend the entire day in bed, undisturbed, eating bonbons and reading. Not that I do not do this occasionally (well maybe not with bonbons) but on my birthday it should be absolutely guilt free. Right?

So today, the possibility has finally arrived if I wanted to choose for it to be so. Nevertheless, I am finding that reclining is the last thing I would want to do. For at this age of maturity I spend much too much of my time sitting and resting from necessity, thus to seek it on purpose gives me no pleasure.

This does however create a dilemma for me to solve. I now need to come up with a new birthday wish. It may seem foolish, and perhaps to some a bit depressing, but it appears that I like to have an unrealized dream, something to look forward to, something to wax lyrically over. I have never given serious intent to the reaching out and grabbing hold of my wishes, for it appears to me, that I like the idea of them, more than the actual physical accomplishment of them.

With that in mind, I really do need to dream bigger, higher, deeper. For it appears that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by reaching for the stars. But then again, with Christ by my side, I already have the biggest dream I could ever dream, and it doesn’t get any deeper than that.


Liebe Lee Was Here


I remember when my brother and I put our Zoro masks on and went around the outside of the house and painted a Z on all the surfaces we could find. Boy did we get in trouble.  Somehow I don’t think this is quite the same, and she for sure is not in trouble for liking to paint on the house when it comes out looking like this. ❤️


Rambling Abundance

For many years I would not invite people to my house. I let the fact that we lived in a state of utter confusion and disorder, a total lack of organization, inhibit me. It was not from lack of trying or laziness, we have always just had too many people, with too much stuff, living in too little space, to ever be able to have a designated place for everything, thus the wave of continuous shift, was and is, inevitable.

Then, not too long ago, I made peace with my stuff. Oh, I still keep at it, trying to give away what I can, but there is just so much of it with eight people living together, that progress is slow. Also, with a low, low budget for our do it yourself renovation of a crumbling residence, we have to take supplies, furniture, and fixtures, when they are offered or available, not necessarily when they are needed, which means storage, which means a confused disorderly mass builds up, slowly with great stealth, until one day we give a large swath of it away in desperate frustration.

Sometimes at a great loss of a treasure or two, but we have sworn, and are doing pretty well with it, to not express too much regret over a loss when we find that the very thing we need today, was in the mountain we gave away yesterday. However I must say, that no treasures value has ever exceeded the foswab we receive when some of the trove is cleared, even if only temporarily.

So anyway, after our last move, and the new perspective I had been given from an enlightening post regarding the abundance I am sheltered amidst, I decided it was against my new found victory to not let others experience this splendiferous abundance too, hehehe, and thus, from this time forward, the open door policy began.

It has been an interesting experience to say the least, and I absolutely do not regret it, for one of my favorite past times is people watching. I have always been defectively curious regarding the interactions and reactions of others. I am truly not judging or laughing or any such reprehensible thing. I am just interested in how, and why, and what. This could, and most likely should, be considered a defect of some significance, because it makes me a watcher rather than a doer in life, but I have come to terms with it and made peace.

Well, what I have found is that there are distinctively two kinds, no three kinds, of reactions when people come over to my house and sit, if the can find a chair, to visit amid the hubbub of people in and out, stories and doings, treasures and who knows what. The first, my favorite, feels the comfort, hears the love, joins in with gusto as everything under the sun is discussed, chewed on, and marveled on by the residents of my madhouse. The second, also my favorite, feels the comfort, hears the love, and relaxes and just enjoys the ride even if they do not participate. The third, also my favorite, even as I wish I could somehow ease their cringing embarrassment, conjured from their feelings of unnecessary pity, but I haven’t come up with a solution that does not involve bringing my awareness of it to their attention, and that just won’t do, even as it irks me to not be able to fix the problem.

For this third group of visitors cannot seem to see beyond the Chaos, the stuff, the abundance, and notice what is not visible with the eyes. They have an overwhelming need for order, for modulation, for control, and I completely understand, really I do. For I too have my moments of desperate frustration, and have been known to give praises and thanksgiving to a good and holy God for the gift of doors. Still, they are always as welcome as anyone else, for they are one of my favorites don’t ya know.


❤️Abundant Blessings Belinda