Day Book#10

The Corn Fort is Sprouting!


The new, not so baby, chickens are going exploring.

The wood is being split. He only has a month to finish before he leaves for Japan.


He is currently running away from home (with Internet of course)


The lemons have returned again! I know that’s how it works. It is just that I have gone from lack to abundance, and have discovered that they are not so easy to give away 😟


I like this picture of the recycled copper my daughter uses to create jewelry.


I went out this morning to spend the day puttering around in the yard, but ended up going shopping with my daughter instead. Not for clothes and such. We like to go dream about tools, fixtures, gizmos and doodads. There are so many lovely things to imagine. We made it to Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco, before I ran out of steam and needed to rest ( aka nap). Still, this is the most I have been able to do in weeks. I am thinking that this latest flare up of mine is soon to dissipate. It is sooooo boring to be in pain and exhausted all the time.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.



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