Not so Toasty After All

“It will be a piece of toast, don’t worry,” I said. Then he reminded me about last time, which I had conveniently forgotten, and it was obvious from his tone, that he had not. You see, last time he left me in charge of his cats, he come home to nothing, they had been eaten in his absence.

It really wasn’t my fault, but still, when a nine year old boy goes off to camp leaving his two mama cats and their half a dozen kittens in the care of his mother, he really does not expect to come home to such terrible news. It broke my heart to tell him.

Perhaps that is why I had so neatly tucked it away into the deep recesses of my memory banks. Well yes it would be enough, the telling, but when you add on the memory of being awoken in the middle of the night and hearing the cats terror and anguish as the pack of coyotes finished them off, I can understand why I had suppressed such a thing.

Those two mama cats, MadEye and Moody, were rescues from a liter of feral cats from the parking lot at work. They were smart, and spent their nights sleeping on the patio roof, tucked in under the eaves. But alas, we did not get them fixed soon enough and the kittens were impossible to keep out of harms way, they just refused to remain in the safe spaces provided them, and thus, led the mothers right into the thick of it.

So today as he was getting into the car to go camping at the beach for a few days, I assured him that all would be well, and he took that departing opportunity to drop the bomb on me, and remind me of that last time, Yikes!

So his adorable little blue eyed kitten better make it through the next few days or I am never going to be forgiven, because twice in one lifetime would just be too much.

Maybe is was not such a good idea to name her Toast 😳




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