What a Friend I Have


Teresa did not give much thought to the prophecies that her best friend Lizzie often felt the need to deliver, at least she kept insisting she didn’t, if only to herself. Still, it weighed on her mind and continued to frighten her around the edges.

She could not understand why Lizzie felt it necessary. Was not the relationship between her and the Lord personal. One on one. Was that not the point of His coming and dying. Thus Teresa talked and walked with the Lord, and received His comfort and instruction without the intervention of others. Alone, not on display or for show. Perhaps this was prideful on Teresa’s part, but she did not think so. No, this was just how her relationship with the Lord had unfolded and matured over the course of her walk.

So why did Lizzie’s behavior disturb her peace of mind?  Teresa suspects that it has more to do with the spirit guide nature of Lizzie’s childhood. For Teresa went along to one of those sessions once, and the malevolence present was suffocating.

Ah….perhaps this was more about Lizzie than her. Perhaps this was concern not fear that kept nipping at her thoughts. Humm…I wonder pondered Teresa for the umpteenth time.


2. Aw Shucks a Voyage

imageScooter sighed with relief as his eyes adjusted to the shadowed spaces and muted light the sun was creating through the louvered blinds of the bedroom window. This is good he murmured, perhaps he would be able to be in and out before someone came to gather their things, and if not, the low uneven light might help his need for sudden invisibility. Thus Scooter grasped a hold of this courage giving ambiance and moved towards the garment piled bed, step by cautious step, until his hand hovered just over his father’s coat, when yikes! his telephone rang.

What the heck, how could he have missed such a little thing as turning off his telephone ringer. Geez, he wasn’t made for this, which he supposed was a good thing considering, but didn’t actually help him much in this moment, as panic flushed throughout his system and froze Scooter in place, awaiting punishable discovery.

Regretfully, or perhaps thankfully, that was all it took for Scooter to forgo his primary mission, his questionable siblings were on their own, and once the tension of playing the retrobate begun to dissipate, Scooter looked around the room in search of someplace into which he could blend and squeeze, to give him privacy to savor his inbound message. For he rarely received them and his curiosity overcame whatever small modicum of good sense he might have once possessed.


Oh! What is this? An award for him from his blogging buddies, Aw Shucks. Scooter was besides himself with anticipation of the imaginary voyage he could take with this. So he settled into a shadow, forgot all about Uncle Waldo, and set sail for his sea of nonsense and silly talk. Someplace that would always value respect over money, where all a person’s needs where met, so they never had to do without. His sea was full of wisdom and advice just waiting to be taken, where those you treasured most never left you. Where everything was your favorite so desire never festered into greed. Ah Scooter was in his sweet spot, for Scooter was a dreamer, so this ponder was his kind of thing. He let his mind wonder. He considered castles on the beaches of many foreign lands, and oodles and oodles of adopted friends, family, and pets made limitlessly possible by his imaginary riches. A sea where…..

Then it happened. The lights came on. Scooter tried his best to collapse into himself and disappear. Now was the time for prayer was all he could think of, please sweet Jesus help. Oh why am I here, when all I really want is it to be anywhere else.

Sigh…..Yes Uncle Waldo it’s me, Scooter.

What? Why am I here? Ummm…..


1. Empty Nonsense


Maude’s annual fete was in full swing as Scooter slid into the empty back bedroom with the trepidation of the guilty. He hadn’t been the one who crashed their parents car. Still, the task of returning the keys to their father’s coat pocket had fallen to him by luck of the draw, and regardless of his initial  innocence, this act of deceit, if discovered, would have him bundled off to his Uncles Waldo’s house of nonsense as a lesson to be learned.


There for the Taking

Arrrgh! That’s enough Suzanna. You must stop dreaming of how things should be, or should have happened, when we desperately need to face up to the hand we’ve been dealt. Yes, they should have wanted us more than the money. Yes, they should have just acknowledged their anger issues. Yes, they should have loved us more than themselves and not abandoned us. All of this is true.

However we do not live in a perfect world. So, we have a choice, we can sit here day after day rendered helpless with your moanings of what they should or should not have done, or we can seize hold of the day, look it square in the eye, see it for what it is, and thus be empowered to mold it into the future we desire.

So today, right now, the time has come to make the choice Suzanna, to either continue to stagnate in this paralyzing realm of should, or move on, and venture out into the boundless realm of is. Which is it going to be Suzanna? For I do so want to thrive, not just survive. Can you please decide that should cannot be welcome anymore.



Are you even listening to me?

Sigh…….Yes, they should have.





Kevin was struggling, nothing was going right, and he was not sure if he wanted to continue. However, no matter how hard he tried to give it up, the pull, the…the…the what? That’s it! Perhaps if he could decipher, dig to the heart of the matter, and understand why it drew him so powerfully and frequently against his will, then he could stop, walk away, and be free. For this beast of an attraction was not like any of his other time sucking moderation challenged indulgences. It was a megalith compared to the others. In both its sway and duration. Kevin was doomed.


The Midnight Prowl


Walls can be used to create prisons. Prisons can be very comfortable and safe if fear and failure are on the prowl. But they are prisons nonetheless.

I put up the walls again last night….heavy heavy sigh.