What a Friend I Have


Teresa did not give much thought to the prophecies that her best friend Lizzie often felt the need to deliver, at least she kept insisting she didn’t, if only to herself. Still, it weighed on her mind and continued to frighten her around the edges.

She could not understand why Lizzie felt it necessary. Was not the relationship between her and the Lord personal. One on one. Was that not the point of His coming and dying. Thus Teresa talked and walked with the Lord, and received His comfort and instruction without the intervention of others. Alone, not on display or for show. Perhaps this was prideful on Teresa’s part, but she did not think so. No, this was just how her relationship with the Lord had unfolded and matured over the course of her walk.

So why did Lizzie’s behavior disturb her peace of mind?  Teresa suspects that it has more to do with the spirit guide nature of Lizzie’s childhood. For Teresa went along to one of those sessions once, and the malevolence present was suffocating.

Ah….perhaps this was more about Lizzie than her. Perhaps this was concern not fear that kept nipping at her thoughts. Humm…I wonder pondered Teresa for the umpteenth time.