My Baby’s Gone


We took him off to school last weekend in a mad dash rush, and now his absence is being felt by all. We took him for granted most of the time, for he was quiet and elusive. However at the same time, he was also available. He would drop what he was doing, and come lend a helping hand, or even take on the entire task himself. He has such a servant’s heart. Yes, he would deny such a thing emphatically, for recognition is not what he seeks, and I have discovered that the worst thing you could do, is to draw attention to him (like I am now, hehehe, but he doesn’t read this so I am safe).

So, it seems that I lost my train of thought when I paused to think about the Shoe Cobblers Brownies, and how if you thanked them they disappeared, and now alas, I cannot seem to get back to my original intent. I had somehow meant to wax lyrical over the photo above, which was taken along with his formal senior portrait, and sigh….is it not a photo for a mother to love. About how, in my limited experience, the change which happens the first semester away at college runs deep and irreversible. It is not a bad change, it is a good and wanted change. It is just that they are never your baby, your child, again. An independent adult man will come and visit me at Christmas.

And before you think that he is a so sweet and even tempered that he makes your teeth hurt, I must also insert the photo below, which in actuality, displays much more of his true nature, and now that I reflect, perhaps the Brownie analogy wouldn’t have been too far off base, because truly, a devilish imp he is, for sure and for certain.



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