The Lovely Sound of Silence

Stevie was amused. She was currently “suffering” through another one of Todd’s punishments. Did he not realize that he was giving her a gift with his bountiful silence? Well, she for sure and certain was not going to clue him in. For without this pause in the endless litany of corrections and criticisms she might just lose her mind, and anyway, if she were to be truly honest with herself, there was pleasure to be received from knowing that to be silent was a thing that hurt Todd deep, thus this knowledge of his suffering and struggling to contain himself, while she was reveling, was a crinkle in her character which she would not despise, so she, without hesitation, indulged herself in this secret sin, reached out and embraced it in a high handed fashion, even as she knew perhaps she should not, for vengeance belonged to another, or so it has been said….


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