Why do I have to be faced with this dilemma? Do I cage her above the ground in a small but protected space, or do I let her roam free and unfettered, to fully enjoy her existence, even if it might possibly shorten that selfsame existence?

No wait, I must be honest, there is really only one answer which is acceptable to me, it is only the inevitable outcome of my choice that I am dreading. You see Bat Bunny has decided to expand her borders. This is truly not a safe thing for her to do, for there is no dog out here in the front yard to chase away any possible predators looking for a snack, or new pet.

She has been on the loose for days now, never going beyond the unfenced perimeter of the house, perhaps it is that she does not want to wonder off too far, away from her burrow and those that care for her. However, knowing absolutely nothing about the proclivity of rabbits, this is only my hopeful conjecture, or just perhaps, this is all only a sad sad case of personification run amuck….sigh

Blessings Belinda


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